Mohamed Salama - Youm Wel Tany (Full Album)


Listen to this Arabic Music Album Called "Youm Wel Tany"
Artist of this song "Mohamed Salama"
Album Name "Youm Wel Tany"
Genre of this artistic music is Arabic.
Released year is 2019.
Endless Persian songs for any mood with Angamy.

1. Amalt El Sah
2. Bahebak
3. El Leila
4. Elly Kan
5. Erhamny Ba2a
6. Forsa Tanya
7. Gebt El Nahya
8. Habet
9. Kam Leila
10. Khelset
11. Malkesh Hal
12. Sawtik Byheeny
13. Youm Wel Tany

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