Mohamed Al Sharnoubi - Zay El Fesoul El Arbaa (Full Album)


Listen to this Arabic Music Album Called "Zay El Fesoul El Arbaa"
Artist of this song "Mohamed Al Sharnoubi"
Album Name "Zay Elfosoul Elarb3a"
Genre of this artistic music is Arabic.
Released year is 2019.
Endless Persian songs for any mood with Angamy.

1. Heta Men El Khayal
2. Aadi We Berahtak
3. Zay El Fesoul El Arbaa
4. Neqoul Mabrouk
5. Mafesh Daiey
6. Zay El Aada
7. El Bent Elly Enta Bethlam Beha
8. Khalani Baiedt (Matlefesh We Tedour)
9. Baqawi Alby
10. Sabah El Sabbah

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