Fadl Shaker - Greatest Hits


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Listen to Fadl Shaker - Greatest Hits
Artist of this song "Fadl Shaker"
Genre of this artistic music is Arabic.
Released year is 2018.
Endless Arabic songs for any mood with Angamy.

1. Akhedni Maak
2. Law Ala Albi
3. Mthat Fea
4. Rouh
5. Ya Hayat El Rouh
6. Ya Ghayeb
7. Faker Lama Tqool
8. Hawa Ya Hawa
9. Allah Aalam
10. Kount Mfakar
11. Qalbi Ayish
12. Ana Shta2telak
13. Waftaraena
14. Majrooh
15. nseet Ansak
16. Ensa Elly Rah
17. Ya Habbi Taala
18. Kint Mfaker
19. Akdeb Aleik
20 Nar El Shooh

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