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  • Layal Abboud – Ya Ana Ya Ana

      ayal Abboud is a lebanese singer, born in south of Lebanon,singing was her biggest passion. After graduating with a masters in English literature & in translation,she decided to pursue her lifelong passion. With the support of her family she studied music and entered the entertainment world with steady feet.She appeared for the first time in the hit show ” Studio El Fan” in 2001

    Under her new management which is lead by Dory Shehade she is now preparing her 3rd albumi in which she collaborated with famous writers,composers and arrangers,this album will be realeased soon in Lebanon & the Middle East market.

    ” Ya ana Ya Ana” is the name of her latest song.


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  • Najwa Karam – Khallini Shoufak

      Najwa Karam is a Lebanese Multi-Platinum, Best-Selling Recording Artist in the Middle East, and Ambassador for L’Oréal Paris, who has sold over 50 Million records worldwide. Najwa, widely known for her Mawwal and other musical talents, has surpassed musical limits in building her Empire, as she has effectively helped change the Arabic music industry in its outreach. Having left her mark by creating and introducing her own blend of traditional and contemporary Arabic Music, Najwa has defined her image and her music in the Middle East and throughout the world, and has contributed to the spread of the Lebanese dialect in Arabic Music. Apart from her singing career, Najwa is a Middle Eastern fashion icon as well as the main Judge on the hit television show Arabs’ Got Talent. Najwa holds the titles of highest-selling Middle Eastern Artist for the years 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, and 2008.

    Having earned her well-known title, “Shams el-Ghinnieh” (“The Sun of Song”), Najwa’s domination of the Arabic Music industry began in 1994 through 1999, when she had major successes with albums, such as Naghmet Hob, Ma Bassmahlak and Maghroumeh. In 1999, her album Rouh Rouhi, topped the charts through out the Arab world, and in 2000, Najwa’s album Oyoun Qalbi brought Najwa’s greatest success yet, as it sold over 5 million albums worldwide, holding the up-to-date record for best-selling Arabic album of all time. In 2001 Najwa’s new album, Nedmaneh sold over 4 million copies worldwide, and is one of Najwa’s most acclaimed albums to date. The success of Nedmaneh earned Najwa numerous awards, including a coveted Murex D’or award for “Best Arabic Artist” and additional awards from Najwa’s production company, Rotana Records: “Artist of the Year”, “Album of the Year” and “Highest Selling Album.” By the time of the release of “Saharni” in 2003, Najwa had established the status of “pop icon” in the Middle East. Najwa’s more recent albums, such as Shu Mghaiara, Hayda Haki, Am Bemzah Ma’ak, and Hal Leile…MaFi Noum, have all sold millions of copies and achieved great success, earning her numerous awards and recognitions worldwide. Her many singles, such as “Shou Jani” and “Lashhad Hobbak” have also topped music charts.

    One of the best-selling Arabic artists in history, Najwa has participated in countless festivals and concerts around the globe, and has received a number of awards and accolades from various distinguished bodies. In her other works, Najwa has collaborated with musician and composer Melhem Barakat, as well as with Wadih el Safi on a single titled “W Kberna” (“We Grow Old Together”), which achieved major success throughout the Middle East. Also, Najwa is a sponsor and spokesperson for Pearl Properties, a UAE real-estate company, which features her in their advertisement commercials. The Lebanese idol has also established herself as a television superstar, winning thousands of new fans through her appearance as the main judge on MBC 4′s mega hit Arabs’ Got Talent, which became a television sensation across the Arab World. Then in 2011, a new era in music media was marked when Najwa Karam, in collaboration with Sony Entertainment and Rotana, produced the Middle East’s very first 3D music video, for her song, “MaFi Noum”. Already one of Rotana’s most-important and highest-paid artists, in 2012 Najwa was appointed as the first Arab Ambassador for L’Oréal Paris in the Middle East, which followed with her stunning appearance on the red carpet at the 65th International Cannes Film Festival.

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  • Banadek Ta3ala, Amr Diab new album coming September 2011

    Amr Diab has delivered the final master of the new album "Banadeek Ta'ala" to Rotana 2 days ago which should be released by the end of September,

    the new album track list and teamwork: Banadaeek Ta3ala Lyrics : Tamer Hussien Composed By : Amr Diab Hallah Hallah Lyrics : Tamer Hussien Composed By : Amr Mostafa Inspired By: Amr Diab Ma2adrsh Ana Lyrics : Tamer Hussien Composed By : Amr Tantawy Alomak Leih Lyrics : Ayman Bahgat Amar Composed By : Amr Diab Ma3ak Bartah Lyrics : Amir Te'ima Composed By : Ahmed Salah Hosny + Amr Diab Yareet Seneik Lyrics : Baha'a El Dein Mohamed Composed By : Amr Diab Maly Enia Lyrics : Tamer Hussien Composed By : Amr Diab Heia Haiaty Lyrics : Magdy El Nagar Composed By : Amr Diab Youm Ma Et2abelna Lyrics : Tamer Hussien Composed By : Amr Diab Aghla Men Omry Lyrics : Magdy El Nagar Composed By : Adel Haki + Amr Diab Aaref Habiby Lyrics : Ayman Bahgat Amar Composed By : Amr Diab Tagreba W Aadet Lyrics : Magdy El Nagar Composed By : Amr Diab Album Arranged By : Adel Haki Musical Supervision : Amr Diab


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  • Haifa denies husband participation as model in video clip

    Lebanese star Haifa Wahby has denied rumors circulated recently that her husband Businessman, Ahmed Abou Hashima, has participated as a model in her recent video clip yet to be broadcast,(Bahrab Men Eneik) (I escape from Your Eyes).

    Haifa said that the idea of her husband showing up with her is impossible because he is already a successful businessman, a career totally different from hers, so it's illogical that he does so.

    Haifa has been recently done with shooting the clip in Italy three weeks ago, and it will be broadcast in coincidence with the new album.


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  • Mohamed Hamaky wedding on December 7th!

    Singing star Mohamed hamaky decided to tie the knot, entering the golden cage of marriage by the end of this year.

    The wedding was previously decided for 2011-11-11 but it has been postponed until December 7th when everything related to marriage is ready.

    Hamaky had celebrated his engagement to his fianc Nahla Abdelaziz past March in a party that was exclusive to family members and intimate friends of the couple.

    Hamaky is also preparing to his coming album after his health conditions got stable after recently undergoing a heart surgery.


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