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  • Maya Nehme – Kif Ya Hobb

      Maya Ahmad Nehme, better known as Maya Nehme, is a Lebanese recording artist, musician, songwriter, dancer, and entertainer. Born in Tyre, Lebanon, Maya is Married to  Music Producer Walid Al Massih. Maya’s entry into the world of pop music came as a participant in the Arab edition of the widely popular reality television program Star Academy in 2006. Maya was credited for her abilities as a singer on the show as well as a dancer. Maya shot the Pepsi commercial on the same year.

    In 2009, Maya released her debut single “War’a Bayda”, arranged and produced by Walid Al Massih, which saw massive television airplay. That same year, she signed with Al Massih’s production company New Wave Productions, and will be releasing her debut album as part of the label, and released Michta2 a new electro-pop song Charted number 1 on Arabic Radio stations and the song Habibi Also number one on Radio Ali.

    Besides her career as a recording artist, Maya is an achieved dancer. Operating her own dance school, Maya frequently competes in dance competitions all over the world and has won several competitions especially in salsa dance. Maya also performed with Fadi Al Halabi great wheel chair dance shows, and after touring in several countries as Cyprus, Lebanon, UK, they are proud to be the ambassadors of Joy and Hope.


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  • Hisham Abbas – Halet Hob

      Hisham Abbas was born in Cairo, Egypt. He had his primary education in Dar El Tefl school. Later on he enrolled in American University in Cairo as he graduated with a major in Mechanical Engineering. He decided to pursue art as his profession rather than Engineering.

    Abbas took his first step as a professional singer being a member of “Pats Band” band with his partner in the band Aliaa Saleh and other friends. They covered a number of Egyptian and Arabic classing songs, such as “Halawet Shamsena”, “Ala Remesh Oyonha”, “El Wala Dah” and more. Then he met up with widely-known producer and singer Hameed El Shaery. They collaborated to produce successful songs that highlighted Abbas’ position in the music scene. Songs like “Halal Aleik”, “Allah Yesalem Halak”, “Habetah”, and “Saea Albak”.

    Abbas’ career bloomed later on to release several songs. He rose in the early 1990s with successful hits like “Wana Wana Wana”, “Eineha El Sood”, “Ta’ala”, “Ya Leila”, “Shoofi” and his most successful hit, “Habibi Dah (Nari Narain)” featuring Indian singer Jayashri. Up to this day, he has 10 solo studio albums in his account. He received a number of awards, the most notable one was Orbit’s Arabic Song Award in 1997.

    He collaborated later on with Hamid El Shaery several times. Hamid featured him in the hit “Einy” which featured Lebanese model, now singer, Nicole Saba.


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  • Nicole Saba – Hafdal Ahlam

      Nicole Saba is a singer and actress from Lebanon. From 1998-2001, Saba was a member of the Lebanese pop group The 4 Cats, then embarked on a solo singing as well as an acting career. Her debut album was released in 2004, and her first film came out in 2003. She has subsequently had success with additional roles in Egyptian-made films. Nicole was given the award for the best singer in 2004 by Sayidaty magazine.


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  • Maher Zain – Assalamu 3alayka

      Maher Zain is a Muslim Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer of Lebanese origin. His debut album Thank You Allah, an internationally successful album with strong Muslim religious influences, was released in 2009. He released his follow-up album Forgive Me on April 2, 2012.


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  • Tamer Hosny – Ely Ra7

      Tamer Hosny is an Egyptian singer, actor, composer, director, songwriter. Hosny first came to attention when he appeared on mix tapes with other Egyptian artists. He launched his solo career with the 2004 album Hob, becoming a successful singer of romantic music and earning the nickname “King of Generation” from his fans.


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