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  • مى كساب تستكمل تصوير طلق صناعى بعد عودتها من العمرة


    تعود النجمة مى كساب خلال أيام من السعودية، بعدما قامت بأداء مناسك "العمرة"، بصحبة زوجها المطرب أوكا.

    وفور عودتها تستأنف "كساب" من جديد جلسات العمل على فيلمها الجديد "طلق صناعى". وقامت مى بالتوقيع على الفيلم قبل مغادرتها وعقدت أكثر من جلسة عمل مع باقى فريق العمل، وذلك قبل بدء تصوير أحداثه أواخر شهر أبريل الحالى.

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  • جسار يستعد لطرح عم شوف خيالات

    يستعد المطرب اللبنانيوائل جسارلطرح ألبومه الجديد من إنتاج شركه اربيكا ميوزيك.

    وانتهي جسار من تصوير أحدث اغنياته بعنوان "عم شوف خيالات" المقرر طرحها فيديو كليب.

    "عم شوف خيالات" من كلمات أحمد فوده والحان الملحن أحمد محيى وتوزيع مدحت خميس.

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  • أحلام مهنئة عبدالمجيد عبدالله بزفاف نجله تشوف عيال عياله

    هنأت الفنانة الإماراتية "أحلام"، صديقها الفنان السعودى "عبدالمجيد عبدالله"، بزفاف نجله "عبدالله"، ناشرة صورة للأب بصحبة ابنه متمنية له حياة سعيدة.

    وعلقت "أحلام" على الصورة التى نشرتها عبر حسابها الشخصى بموقع الصور "إنستجرام": "ما شاء الله لا قوة الا بالله الف مبروك يا بوعبدالله الفنان الكبير #عبدالمجيد_عبدالله زواج ابنك #عبدالله الله يحفظه والله يتمم على خير يارب والف الف مبروك يارب تشوف عيال عياله".

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  • Shiraz – Amout Wansak

      Shiraz is a multilingual Lebanese singer born in Jounieh in the north of Beirut in September 19, 1987. In 2011, she released two songs “Layalik” and “Sahhart Oyouni”, she sang in duet with the famous singer of Italian origin Adam Clay in the Casino of Lebanon in Jounieh. Shiraz is currently in studio to record a new duet with Adam Clay.


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  • Ahmed Ezzat – Ba7ibik Kol Sanya

      Ahmed Ezzat began his artistic career since the days of school when he was a member of school musical team got the first place the level of the Republic on individual singing in high school and then participated in a small orchestra was called the “Kaza Mood Arabia”.

    Ahmed Ezzat joined to Star Academy program season number eighth in Lebanon, he passed all the tests to be one of the finalists and got the second place with 29% votes.

    Ahmed Ezzat appeared at the first time on Star Academy’s theater with (Ya Blady) song which made all the Egyptians loved him and crying splendor of his performance of the song which glorifies martyrs of the Egyptian revolution Then after the song appeared Voice of Freedom, and later included several songs (Touba – Ala Aad El Shoo’ – Dehk W La’ab – Jabbar)

    Ahmed Ezzat presents all colors introduced mountain music on the stage of Star Academy , Lebanese, Egyptian and Gulf and romantic and enjoy a wonderful personality, Ahmed Ezzat, and his presence on the stage and severity of the phoneme, which impressed the total outstanding.

    Even now he has lot of fans especially after record their first religious prayer “Ya Rab” and it is the headset is always on the Star FM last Ramadan’s response was act on the prayer, and then record the successive collection of songs starting with “Sam’a” , “Khalek Tayeb” , “Bent W Walad” ,”Ramadan Fe Masr” ,”Wallah Mahy Far’a”, “Mat Shaheed” , “Maa’ky” , “Insan Da’eef” prayer and finally “Ba7bk Kol Sanya”.

    Ahmed Ezzat performed in many concerts inside and outside Egypt, the first concert was in Dubai 3th of November 2011, then the second concert at Sakiet El-Sawy Culturewheel in Cairo city in Egypt 31th of January 2012, the third concert in Alexandria city in Egypt 17th of Feb 2012, the fourth concert at Villa Hassan Fahmy Giza city in Egypt 16th of April 2012, the fifth concert at the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 30th of Aug 2012, the Sixth concert on Sakiet El-Sawy Culturewheel Egypt 11th of September 2012 and finally at American University in Cairo (AUC) Terry Fox Marathon Concert 17th of November 2012.

    His ambition is to be the first artist in the Arab world, so he entered after Star Academy encouraged friends and the desire to achieve the dream of his father, his family and be proud of his art and fame.


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