Amal Maher - Asl El Ehsas (Full Album)


Listen to this Arabic Music Album Called "Asl El Ehsas"
Artist of this song "Amal Maher"
Album Name "Asl El Ehsas"
Genre of this artistic music is Arabic.
Released year is 2019.
Endless Persian songs for any mood with Angamy.

1. 2alo Bil Kteer
2. Agmal Hob
3. Albak Kbeer
4. Asl El Ehsas
5. Aysheen
6. Bedaiet Bedaitak
7. Edeny Forsa
8. El Teer El Waheed
9. Ghab
10. Habeby Hanet
11. Hekaya T3esh
12. Low Rasamto
13. Ma Khalas
14. Msh Hansah
15. We Fiha Eh
16. Yama 3az 3alaya

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